Automatic Wash


The Typhoon Automatic Wash is the ‍‍best touch-less wash in Kelowna! Every wash comes with a complimentary air freshener or cleaning product, and a pre-wash scrub done by our employees to ensure the best washing conditions for your vehicle.

$9 - Monsoon

The most basic wash, includes Power Blaster, Super Soaker, Clear Coat Protectant and the Storm Dryer.

$11 - Typhoon

Includes all of the above, plus an Extra Super Soaker, Bug & Tail Blaster, and Spot-Free Rinse.

$13 - Hurricane


Includes all of the above, plus Triple Foam Conditioner, Underbody Super-Blast, Rust Inhibitor and Simoniz Vision Clear.

$15 - Big Kahuna


The luxury wash, includes all of the above, plus Tire and Wheel Super Soak, and Tire & Wheel Scrubber.  

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